Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This was a stay at home weekend.  I've enjoyed my Mother's Day.  With some help from Mike the kids got me a nice card.  We celebrated with a nice meal with Rich and Tracey last night.  The Roths purchased fencing for the agility field at Pebblemist on Saturday.  I know Tracey is looking forward to getting her agility practice field operational.

The big relief of the weekend was getting the house on Fairview listed with the real estate agent and then uploaded on the Realtor Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  The agent's photographer took home photos on Saturday morning.  The listing details are now up on the web including photos.  A visual home tour showing even more photos is also posted.  Hopefully only a few more weeks of religiously watering the flowers and veggies until a contract is signed on the house.

At Meadowood, there is now an adapter fitting on the shower off the laundry room along with a garden hose and easy grip sprayer.  The assembly is easily fed through the bathroom window out onto the back patio.  Teddy was the first victim to get a bath.  He had given himself a hot spot which is now mostly healed but a medicated bath was in order.  Bern and Grace only got brushed (the recently purchased grooming table is a big help with the brushing chore).  To further help my back, I've decided to purchase an elevated doggie wash tub (called a Booster Bath) for the back porch dog wash station.

Here are links to some recent agilility runs.  Michele Fry posted videos of our runs in Hattiesburg last weekend at the AKC show.  (Thanks Michele!)
Sat - Bern Excellent Standard Run
Sat - Grace Open JWW Run
Sun - Bern Excellent Standard Run
Sun - Grace Novice Standard Run
Sun - Grace Open JWW Run