Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hurricane Repairs Ending at SWM

The house is almost back together again. The painters finished up the baseboards yesterday. I'm going home at lunch today to meet with the carpenter so he can get the new bathroom mirrors and fixtures in the requested places. The last step will be for the cleaning crew and carpet steamers to erase the sign of construction (the white sheetrock dust everywhere).

Yesterday I finished compiling a set of lesson plans for the upcoming session of puppy obedience classes I'm going to teach. Each week needs several scheduled activities since the puppies only want to spend a few minutes on any one task. I've decided to add a few more pieces of agility equipment to my teaching tools. I bought some 1/2 PVC and fittings to make an agility ladder. I've acquired a kid's play tunnel as well as a pop-up laundry basket with fabric for making a chute. The new session of classes begins next week so I'm planning on doing some of these projects on Saturday. I'll hope to post photos of complete projects soon.

It rained yesterday and cooled overnight. Much nicer weather for tracking. Hopefully it will stay this way until Sunday morning.