Plan Forward/Training Goals

2015 Goals

Work:  I've got a new job I love but need to learn how to do.  This should take care of itself as I'm getting excellent training from my co-workers.  I do, however, need to keep my PE license current.  Goal - 15 PDHs.

Home:  First priority is to sell the house in Baton Rouge - it is under contract so I'm hoping this goes to closing.  Meanwhile, we are continuing to unpack here.  Super excited to have found my computer monitor in a box marked "supplies from laundry room".  I would like to paint the rest of the house during 2015 (2 bathroom, laundry room, and maybe the storage area).  Goal:  For now just the painting.

Health:  Work exercise into my schedule - my FitBit steps are way down since the move.  I don't walk near as much as I was during the days in BTR.  Goal:  Weekly FitBit steps 60,000+ steps.  Goal:  45 minute T-Tapp workout 2 - 3 nights per week.  Along with the exercise goal is the lose weight goal.  Goal:  Lose 25 lbs.

Family:  Mike and I want to explore our new home area of upstate SC.  We hope to do some of this exploration on foot to get exercise.  I am supporting Mike's job search where I can.  

Community:  Make friends here....easier said than done.  Goal:  Learn names of several folks at church/bell choir.  Look for other opportunities to connect.

Extra Curricular - Dog Training:  This is where I probably have more detailed goals and what started me thinking I needed to write my goals down.  

  • Agility Goals:  Bad Dog Agility published the 2014 Power 10 lists for each breed this week.  Kirk's half brother Desmond and Hope Kuo continue to lead the 16" rankings while Ami Sheffield and Pixel lead the 12' rankings.  I set yards per second (YPS) targets for each dog in AKC agility by end of year.  Since I'm not sure about our trial schedule yet I'm hesitant to set lofty title goals in any system (AKC, USDAA, Teacup, or other style agility close by we can play).  The published 2014 MAS Power 10 ranges for 12" and 16" dogs are as follows.
Standard 2014
12" Power 10 Range6.00 - 3.664.73 - 3.27
16" Power 10 Range6.33 - 5.365.12 - 4.43

The 12" groups seems a bit less competitive.  I feel confident with consistent lessons for both Spice and I that Jan can get us whipped into shape and at the bottom of the 12" list by the end of 2015.  Kirk and I may take more time to make the very competitive 16" list but we are going to increase our speed with the list as our eventual goal.  I have set the following 2015 goals for Spice and Kirk:

YPS GoalsJWW 2014JWW 2015 GoalStandard 2014Standard 2015 Goal
12' Spice3.543.753.073.25
16" Kirk3.634.633.474

  • Obedience/Rally  Goals:  Get Kirk ready to show in Open at the Clemson KC New Years trial.  He can try Rally Exc there as well.  Spice will be worked in hopes she has confidence for novice stays soon.  We are signed up for a private lesson in mid-February at Connie Cleveland's facility with her Saturday instructor.
  • Tracking Goals:  Kirk and Spice will be ready to certify by the end of 2015.
  • Herding:  The lesson schedule is problematic - no evenings and no weekends during the winter.  I'll keep working the issue with the goal of getting out to see sheep a few times this year.
  • Barn Hunt:  We would love to spend some time with Diane Dittrich in Atlanta to get better skills at Barn Hunt.  Not sure if we have Barn Hunt closer than Atlanta - will need to investigate.
  • Conformation:  The MASs move to the herding group in July.  Kirk is filling out and looking more grown up.  If the trend continues we will give conformation a try in late 2015 or at the  Clemson KC New Years trial in early 2016.