Meadowood Ranch Pack

This page has a bio of each of the dogs.  There were a few logical ways to order the bios... by date of adoption/ownership or by age.  I decided to sort the list by ownership date:


Flagtree's Simply Spicy BN PCD RE HT OA OAJ XF CA CGCA AD SR SS SJ SG TSAD TG3 (Spice)
Spice joined our pack on January 29, 2012 at 7 months old. She is a red merle Miniature American Shepherd and a small one at that.  She has one brown eye and one blue eye.  And a very cute personality.  Spice hails from Flagtree Minature American Shepherds outside Houston, Texas.  We are excited about this performance/lap dog addition.  Flagtree maintains a web page for Spice.  Thanks again Tammy Flaga for letting us have this awesome girl.  

Striker in his prime
AKC/ASCA CH Encore's Special Forces (Striker)
Striker is a retired conformation dog.  He re-homed to us in spring 2013 and turned 10 a few months later in June 2013.  This is my third older conformation dog to re-home.  He has adjusted well and started training for obedience work.

Capt'n Kirk

Flagtree's Cleared for TakeofBN CD RA NA NAJ CGCA TBAD TG2 IT certificate (Capt'n Kirk)
Kirk is my first puppy since 1989.  He is Spice's half-nephew and also hails from Flagtree Miniature American Shepherds.  Kirk was born on July 6, 2013.  He is training for agility, herding, rally/obedience, tracking, and conformation.  We are excited to provide Capt'n Kirk with exciting adventurers for his captain's log.  Flagtree also maintains a page for Capt'n Kirk.


Norma and Pete (Christmas 2008)
Sir Peter of Blackhawk (Pete)
Mom's dog Pete, a West Highland White Terrier, lodged with us between March and December 2011..  My family has owned Westies since I was a youngster.  Mom fell in early March 2011 and fractured her C2 vertebra.  With her neck brace on she couldn't look down to see Pete underfoot.  I offered to let Pete stay with us until she was healed.  Mom purchased Pete as a puppy from a breeder in Oklahoma.  He was born on July 18, 2001.  Grace wasn't sure about the new dog when Pete arrived but after a month or so she decided he was a great playmate.  Grace and I drove to Oklahoma in early December 2011 to return Pete to Mom.  Mom lost Pete on March 26, 2015 due to stomach cancer.


Mike with Teds
Sir Tedwards of Hampshire (Teds)
Teds was living with Mike and Mike's mother Marie when Marie passed away.  At the time, Mike's job required him to travel out of town so Teds was bouncing back and forth between houses.  We finally decided it was just easier for Teds to stay at one house so he came to live with me permanently.  Several months later Mike joined him.  Teds was adopted by Mike years ago as a young adult.  We gave Teds a birthday of May 31, 1996. .After he came to live with us Grace spent a few afternoons teaching Teds how to be a "dog".  The lessons took and Teds was soon a different dog exhibiting all his new found shelty lineage traits.  We lost Sir Teds on November 17, 2012.

Bern was adopted from the Hinds Country (Jackson, MS) Second Chance Pet Partners program.  The program utilizes inmates to work with larger adoptable dogs for placement.  I adopted Bern just after he got in the program.  Bern was adopted on March 30, 2004.  We set his birthday as March 30, 2002.  Bern is mostly Australian shepherd, but possibly an Aussie-Bernese Mountain dog mix.  He came pre-named Bernie so I registered him simply as Bernie, not thinking to give him a "fancy" registered name.  He was originally found running loose at a deer camp near Flora, MS and taken to Dr. Harvey's vet clinic in Flora.  Dr. Harvey transferred him to the adoption program.  After digging out his adoption paperwork to write this blog entry I found Dr. Harvey's wife on Facebook and posted a note about the happy ending to Bern's quest for a forever home.  We lost Bern in late November 2012.  It seemed much harder to loose my first active performance dog than my previous dogs.  He was an awesome soul.

Warren's Wonders of Grace GN RE NA NAJ NF OAP OJP NFP TD PT SPJ SPG SPR (Grace)
Grace was found running loose in near Perkins Road, a busy street, in Baton Rouge.  She was fed and cared for by a couple of older ladies who tried to locate her owner.  After a few weeks they surrendered her to a vet clinic for adoption.  The vet transferred her to dachshund rescue.  The person within the dachshund rescue group that was looking for an Aussie had just adopted one so Amanda talked me in to fostering/taking Grace. Grace came to stay with me in 2007 as a young adult (on paper birthdate of April 26, 2004).  Grace appears to be a pure bred blue merle Australian shepherd from stock dog lines.  She came to our house with heartworms and a fear of the big wide world.  We treated the heartworms quickly and her fear of the big wide world is subsiding with each day.  Grace retired in early 2013 from trialing.  We lost Grace in December 2013.  We miss our former pack leader.  Grace was my first performance dog to earn a tracking title or a herding title.