Friday, June 5, 2009

Obedience Teaching Wk 2

Tracey and I taught week two of obedience classes for beginners. Everyone is doing well... except Teddy refuses to "down". The old dog is learning new tricks but it seems to be taking more effort on this command.

Bern was put through the paces on the dumbbell retrieves... not real pretty... NQs across the board. I wish there was a better way to train and perfect each three or four part exercise. We have a few more weeks before the Bossier City obedience trial. We need to work on these exercises.

Grace came out and worked also. Her big achievement for the evening was doing figure 8s. She and I served as posts while Tracey and Xanadu heeled.. then we switched. Grace did well being a post on her own. Tracey and I decided that we need to do this more often with all the dogs. I bought some natural balance this week so we can try getting folks to help Grace practice a sit/stand for exam while she gets some yummy food.

Homework for the week was to look up what each dog breed was bred to do. Tracey and I need to brush up on a few of the breeds. We have a few dogs in class that are breed unknown... we suggested a breed in the appropriate AKC group to look up for these class members.