Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday: Driving from BTR to Ozona, TX

Saturday we drove from Baton Rouge to Ozona, TX. Ozona is a very small burg (population 3,700) in the western edge of Texas hill country. With the exception of the tractor-trailer rig driver who almost lane changed into us, the 4 Benz sedans on a long trailer that was longer than the transport driver thought, and the Element driver not watching the gas gage to the point that the Element was starving, our driving was uneventful. It took 14 gallons of gas to fill the tank – a new record (not the kind of record you want though). We ate at a quaint diner, the Hitchin’ Post, in Ozona – a converted sheep barn. Ozona is the only town in Crockett County, TX. It caters to deer hunters who flock to the area each hunting season.