Thursday, November 19, 2009

Agility Seminar - Day 2

The second day of the agility seminar was spent working on a masters level standard course. After each of us "ran" the course with our dogs, Elaine decided the human members of the agility teams needed a running lesson. We put up the dogs and spent some time just running to the fence and back without the dogs (elbows in, knees pumping and driving the legs forward using long strides).

We then tried our newly perfected running style on the opening straight-away of the standard course. We each ran it several times going for speed over accuracy. I only tried to take out one wing on a jump during these runs. We continued around the course working each natural section for speed and accuracy. Grace and I did really well. Elaine commented on Sunday about how much better she was doing than last year - several other class members were also commenting about her improved skills. Grace did have a teeter moment though - she and I were running all out when we got to the teeter. I think Grace didn't feel in control enough to try the teeter at warp speed so she bailed off.... a few cookies and words of encouragement and she was running again.

We finished up the seminar by working a large circle of 8 single jumps with one jump in the center. This setup is nice for working front and rear crosses between the outer ring and inner jump or practicing threadles and serpentines around the outer circle. All in all it was a great seminar.

Michele promised to send the upload data so my photo efforts can get posted to the LCCOC website. More soon on photos.