Monday, January 18, 2010

AKC Agility, Gulfport, MS - Saturday Only

We were only entered in the Gulfport AKC show for Saturday.

The judge is a sheltie person so her course were tight and winding for the large dogs. I'm glad Bern was only entered in FAST. Unfortunately the send in FAST was tunnel, weave, jump from 15 feet away from the handler. Bern ran out the tunnel great but refused to weave with me 15 feet away. Oh well... we will try again soon.

Grace is out of practice at agility and it showed. She was back trying to herd me again. By FAST at the end of the day she was running better but managed to miss a jump in the send. Three NQs for her.

We need to buckle down and start practicing before I leave for work in the morning.