Sunday, January 3, 2010

Scrub-a-Dub Dub... Three Dogs in a Tub

One of my goals for the extended (holiday) time off from work was to give everyone a bath. So after brushing them out last night I bathed each of them this morning. I don't know how Tracey managed 10 baths last week on one day. My back is grumbling and I just did three. I'm very happy with the gallon of shampoo and shampoo pump I purchased recently.

I worked on LCCOC tracking trial paperwork today also. To avoid the boring paperwork I used the Picasa photo software from Google to make some 2008 agility collages with the JPG files I purchased from Loftis. I think the collages came out great. My plan is to create 2009 collages when the picture CD from the last few trials arrives soon. I've been making full page collages of activities and events. I created a "Grace Earns TD" collage also. My family photo album for 2009 is full of collages. At least this way I'm keeping up with the stream of photos I tend to generate.

After the whole family took an afternoon walk I worked some obedience with Bern and Grace. Bern was a little less perky than I would like but he did just finish his walk...he tugs the entire way through his neighborhood outings and wears himself out. Bern looked better today than on Friday so there may be hope by the end of the month. Grace was enthusiastic but very sloppy... I kept getting puppy type slouchy sits. She got lots of cookies for sitting up straight and watching today. I helped Mike worked Teds on CGC exercises (Teds goal for 2010). Teds loved the Bil-Jac Gooberlicious treats we were using for training treats... Teds was trying extra hard for those yummy cookies.... must remember this for Teds!