Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LCCOC Tracking Test - Secretary/Trial Chair Weekend

My first weekend as a trial/test secretary and/or trial chair has come and gone. The trial went off without any major problems. The track layers all showed up in a very timely manner on Saturday (THANK YOU) and all of us (track layers, judges, and competitors) remembered to spring forward our alarm clocks for daylight savings time. The paperwork is finished and mailed off to AKC. We had 2 TD teams pass - Michele and Rain then Tracey and Xanadu.

There were 5 TD entries and 3 TDX entries. We didn't use the alternate TDX track so John and Khay (the 1st alternate) ran it for practice. Yet again none of the TDX dogs passed. However I think Grace is tracking about as well as the other TDX entries so with some more practice on age I think we will give it a try.

I had time on Saturday to take photos during the track plotting. On Sunday when the trial was running I missed all the TD tracks because I was moving the TDX crosstrack layers from track to track. I was the track layer for the first TDX track. Mary and Happy drew track 1. Unfortunately Happy second guessed herself at the first turn and got whistled off so I stayed and walked the rest of the track with Mary and Happy while the other TDX tracks started. It seems all three TDX dogs got blown off relatively quickly so there was no heartbreaking last minute failures like I've seen at other trials.