Sunday, September 26, 2010

AKC Agility, Gulfport, MS

Grace Open Standard Leg 1 w/ 1st Place
This weekend was AKC agility in Gulfport, MS.  We were entered all 3 days.  On Friday Grace knocked the last bars of the Standard and Jumpers course and didn't quite get the send in FAST.  On Saturday we looked okay in jumpers but when Grace broke her stay in Standard it blew the nice straight line I had planned for the opening jump sequence.  We finally knocked down the double and killed our Q.  Tracey said it was the ugliest Qing run she had ever seen as we zig-zagged our way through the first sequence.  Sunday was overcast and cooler... Grace was excited to be out and running.  Grace was the only dog to survive in the 20"  open standard class - 1st place for our Q.  In jumpers it was an okay run but she took down a jump somewhere along the way.

Tracey and I were thankful to have the motor home air conditioning available... boy was it hot!  Tracey had some good runs with her guys plus beagle Storm for Marie (Storm is an Aunt to Xan and Spirit).