Monday, November 8, 2010

Herding and Tracey's Most Wonderful Early Birthday Gift

Azealas (w/vines) on western fenceline
Grace and I spent Sunday morning at Linda's house. We worked Grace on driving forward to the table over several jumps, weaving without me crowding her, and jumping in a very large circle with me in the middle.  With the herding staff Grace continued jumping the circle... the use of the staff is fine; however she doesn't like the staff in her personal space.

We moved on to herding.  The duck course was set up so Grace practiced with ducks first.  She works on a long line or Linda would be minus ducks.  A couple of times Grace dove and came up with a few feathers in her mouth.

Fig tree jungle in the far corner
We switched out the duck panels for agility jumps.  Grace practiced her outruns by taking jumps along the edge of the field.  She goes to a target at the end of the field and lies down (well at least that is the plan).  She then walks up and moves the sheep off the pan.

Both Linda and I were really pleased with her performance. However, it will be several more months before she will be ready to enter the herding trials at the next level.

Neighbor's magnolias along eastern fenceline
After herding, Grace and I caught up with Tracey and Kazee at Petsmart. We shopped for a few minutes and looked at the on-sale giant vari-kennels for Bern. I decided it was just too huge and I'll think about other options. Tracey suggested a 48" wire that would collapse easily. A 48' wire might work for Teds also if he needs confinement in his old age...hmmm.

I went home and started clearing the fenceline so fence bottom reinforcement can be installed. Once installed Grace should be able to stay out in the yard loose and not require be securing in the much smaller kennel run. Tracey came over with tools and joined in the fenceline clearing. With her help we managed to clear the entire remainder of the fenceline. Our effort was a huge accomplishment. The fenceline is ready for reinforcement. The pictures don't really do justice to our hard work. THANK YOU TRACEY FOR ALL THE HELP!