Friday, November 12, 2010

Obedience Practice

Early Thursday morning I hauled several loads of limbs to the street so the trash guys could pick them up. These were the limbs Tracey and I had cut on Sunday. The pile was impressive and there is still more limbs to be gathered at the curb.

My lunch errand to Lowe's to purchase fence reinforcement supplies at lunch yesterday was a bust. They didn't have much of what I needed. Plan B... a farm supply store (out on the edge of town). Lets see ... the office is in the middle of town.....Tracey saved me one trip yesterday and grabbed a bag of dog food for me when she was out. Yeah for teamwork.

Last night was obedience practice. Bern was happy and accurate on his exercises... he is enjoying the cool weather. I'm just hoping that they don't decide the crank up the heat in the building this weekend. He is soooo fuzzy now that any heat and he will melt! Overall I'm feeling good about this weekend.

Next I got Grace out. She is bouncy happy at the training location. I hope more of that will make it into the Rally ring this weekend. Inside a strange building she is a little scared and not as happy. She is still rocky on a couple of moves she may need this weekend. Grace wiggles on the stand if I walk to close around her and I totally forgot to work on backing up 3 steps this week (oops). Well I guess we need to work on reverse today!