Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Mike unexpectedly got the day off so we decided to eat at the local Chinese buffet around noon.  I hung around the house the rest of the day managing to unpack and rearrange items from the move last summer.

Friday morning started off very wet and rainy.  I cooked my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner at Linda's house (pull apart bread, chocolate chip cookies, and pumpkin stuffed with everything good) and off to Independence in the rain we went.  Dinner at Linda's was very nice... good food and great friends.  No holiday shopping for me.

Linda was all excited.  She is going to New Zealand in late March and is looking for a traveling companion.  I'm doing my research now.  New Zealand sounds great... driving in New Zealand I'm still unsure about.

Saturday morning it was off to Lake Charles with Tracey and her gang to run agility.  Grace came home with a Q on Saturday in Open FAST - her first leg for that title.  She struggled weaving at our faster need-to-make-course time pace this weekend.  Our course times are better and none of the spread jumps came down.  After a teeter scare on Saturday, Grace gathered her wits and performed the scary teeter on Sunday.  I was pleased with Grace's nice single stride pattern for the first 6 weave poles on Saturday but then the muscle memory wasn't there past pole 6 and she lost her nice form.  Ms. Grace and I will spend December practicing weaves at home because I have a ringing engagement with the Red Stick Handbell Choir every weekend until Christmas.  After Bern's tooth extraction my pocketbook needs a break from the traveling as well.

Tracey's guys did great at the trial.  A QQ on Sunday and lots of MACH points for Kazee over the weekend. Spirit moved up to Exc Standard on Sunday after earning her 3rd Open leg on Saturday.  Lego and Xan both ran well even though Xan is struggling with baby dog issues.