Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Item of My Life List

In the back of my mind I have a "life list" that contains entries of things I would like to experience.  Most of the items on the list are places to visit but a few of these items are transportation related.  Well today I marked the entry for taking an airboat ride as DONE.  Unfortunately the temperature this morning was 26 degrees F - it was time for the heavier weight long johns.  The airboat ride along the bayou was a work-related trip in support of an upcoming remediation project.  I took pictures as we traveled along - since everyone is in hearing protection muffs during the voyage I only answered questions when we where stopped and out of the boat.

So much for the fun, it was back to the computer and pump test data sets for me.  At the end of the day I came home before it was dark. This allowed the whole pack to get out and walk towards the park and then around the block to return to the house. We all felt energized after our walk.  I was proud of Teds as he made the whole walk without any signs of age-related distress.