Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grace Earns Her Rally Excellent Title

Grace Earns Rally Excellent Title
This weekend was our local dog club's obedience trial.  Next year I'm the trial chair for the obedience trial so I tried to line of folks for duties during the weekend.  So far so good but there are still a few huge holes to fill.  Sooner rather than later on this task.

Next on to fantastic news.  Grace earned her Rally Excellent (RE) title this weekend.  Her heeling was great on Saturday (score 96), not as good on Sunday (score 85).  Both days the sign for a moving stand of the dog followed by the handler walking around the dog was on the course.  Not moving her rear feet has been a hug battle but she did great both days.  Our nemesis on Sunday was the darn back up 3 steps in heal position sign.  We really need to master this skill if we keep playing rally as she lost 10 points for her inability to back.  She seems to have almost recovered after the cookies in the rally ring incident ~2 years ago.
Grace as Honor Dog on Sunday

Bern was entered in the middle obedience level (Open) both days.  On Saturday he looked sharp but one bobble in any obedience exercise is a non-qualifying run.  Unfortunately he seemed to forgot his task on his dumbbell retrieve on Saturday after bounding out 2 happy bounds towards the dumbbell.  On Sunday he didn't get up from the sit and even bound a single bound toward his dumbbell.  Mike and Tracey think I need to try a different command tone.  He may not being hearing as well in his older years.  We will try again in Bossier City in 2 weeks.