Monday, June 13, 2011

RROTC Obedience, Bossier City, LA - Bern CDX Leg 2

Bern CDX Leg 2 - 1st Place
Grace - Wildcard Open - 2nd Place
We were in Bossier City this past weekend at Airline Hwy High School (home of the Vikings).  Red River OTC rented the gym for the trial - a new venue for them.  Crating space was tight but the AC was functioning so we kept our cool so to speak.

On Saturday Bern was the last (tallest sorted by jump height) dog of 9 in his Open A class to show.  He managed to finish strong and earned 1st place out of the class.  On Sunday I gave a wimpy command for the retrieve on flat and he opted to not retrieve (Darn the handler errors!).  He will be trying again next month in Jackson to earn his 3rd leg and CDX title.  Tracey and I had trouble filming each other on Saturday because Kazee and Bern ended up in adjacent rings at the same time.  However Tracey did get to film his Sunday exercises.

Grace's plan was Wildcard Open on Saturday and Rally Exc B on Sunday.  Due to scheduling she skipped Rally on Sunday so we could get on the road - she has the title just wanted more ring time.  Grace's Wildcard Open performance on Saturday earned her 2nd Place (we opted out of the 3 minute out of sight sit).  I'm very proud of her improvements in the ring in the last few months.  She was happy and mostly focused even on the less exciting exercises.  While filming her Tracey noticed that on the figure 8 she tries to take the jump on the first pass near the jump - watch for this in the video.