Friday, July 1, 2011

Obedience Practice

Yesterday morning I ran Bern and Grace through their respective obedience exercises minus stay practice.  Grace was a bit too eager on her retrieves and neglected to wait until commanded to retrieve.  Bern looked really great.

Last night we worked obedience exercises starting around 6:20 PM at BCBS prior to the start of LCCOC classes.  Temperatures reached a high of 95F yesterday so it was still quite hot when we started.  Both dogs did pretty well but Bern was not really into it last night... he was distracted by the other people with cookies, other people with hands who could pet him, and his other doggie buddies.  Grace looked good.  We practiced out of sight stays with the two dogs entered in Open - Bern and Sparkle.  Oh my Bern was worried about cookies and kept following me (darn it!).  We fixed it after a few attempts so I'm hopeful for this weekend.  I need to work with Grace on her novice sit stay today.

Unfortunately Grace was hobbling around on 3 legs when we got home last night.  The diagnosis is perhaps a burned foot pad from the hot pavement because she doesn't mind having her hip, knee, ankle, or toes poked and prodded but the rear of her foot is tender.  I medicated her and put her to bed hoping she will be better in the morning.  I guess I need to go let the dogs out and see how she is doing....

BTW.  My new Crate Games DVD by Susan Garrett of Say Yes! Dog Training arrived.  I watched a few minutes of it while getting ready for bed last night.  The goal of Crate Games is to teach the dog self control so I have high hopes for Grace.