Sunday, October 2, 2011

Afternoon Drive to Audubon Bridge (Mississippi River)

Flying home from Salt Lake City on Sunday our approach into Baton Rouge flew past the new Audubon Bridge located about 30 miles north of Baton Rouge.  The bridge opened for traffic in May 2011.  It is the longest cable-stayed span in the western hemisphere.  I commented to Mike after landing that we had flown past it and I still hadn't driven over it.  Mike has been across the bridge  a couple of times at work while taking New Roads residents to and from wound care in St. Francisville.  Since it was a lovely day today, we drove up Hwy 61, crossed the bridge, ate in New Roads at Satterfield's, and returned via the bridge/Hwy 61.  I snapped photos from inside the vehicle and from the levee - sometimes my geeky engineer side comes out and today was just one of those days!  The Wikipedia article has bridge construction photos.

the bridge towers

bridge approach

Photographed from the Mississippi River levee (New Roads  side)

A little windshield glare but I love the shot

Too Artsy?

View of False River From Satterfield's 2nd Floor Patio