Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary EMT-Basic Mike!

2011 Acadian Luncheon
(just pretend this is a Where's Waldo challenge)

Today is Mike's 1st Anniversary with Acadian Companies as a medic.  He is now eligible for paid vacation (YIPPEE!!!), more insurance, and joining the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).  He has spent his entire first year as an EMT-Basic working full time as well as being a full time EMT-Paramedic student.  We are looking forward to loosing the full time student status.

Mike at the 2011 Acadian Companies Luncheon
Speaking of Paramedic school, Mike has completed the Paramedic program he was enrolled in - keeping his straight A average.  He is scheduled to take his computer-based NREMT Paramedic exam on Oct 20 and his skills exam on Nov.1.

Unfortunately, Mike is still awaiting the results of his long-ago requested graduation check to make sure that between his Paramedic School program and his former college programs (BS, MS, and MDiv degrees) that he has enough credits for his associates degree in Emergency Medicine from South Louisiana Community College (SLCC).  Mike requires his Emergency Medicine degree so he can help teach future medic classes for the National EMS Academy (NEMSA).

It has been the wrong kind of "exciting" at the house on the vehicle front this week.  Mike had moved his emergency medic uniform gear tub into the Honda Element (our recently retired dogmobile) and started driving it with the intention of selling his late mother's Buick in the very near future.  Day 2 for Mike in the Element, the Element's passenger side power window motor and regulator assembly broke and the passenger window fell completely inside the passenger door panel.  So while the Element was in the shop getting repaired, Mike was once again driving the old Buick.  Our timing on purchasing the new car may have been really well executed - the Buick decided this morning to make metal on metal groaning and squealing sounds as Mike drove the Buick back to the house after picking up the Element.  Instead of selling Ms. Bessie, Mike may have to scrap the poor girl!