Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Week... Transitioning to the New Year

We spent a relatively quiet Christmas around the house.  It was nice to finally have the extra activities of the season behind us.  While said activities are fun, on top of an already full schedule, the extras can become overwhelming.

I took the entire holiday week off from work.  URS gives us 2 vacation days at Christmas and 1.5 days at New Years.  By taking just a few days of vacation it gives a nice break.  We've spent the week primarily working around the house trying to improve its functionality.  I'm excited about the still ongoing furniture movement and layout changes we are making (pictures to follow after the dust settles).

I'm getting very little dog training done, not near what I wish I had energy to do.  I need to organize and prioritize my dog training efforts more..  Frankly I'm just not feeling very well so I've been trying to work on getting me better (including a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection).  Meanwhile I need to be thinking about mantras or goals for 2012.  My mantra of "healthy, happy, and whole" had its ups and downs in 2011, but I think it did help me embrace a better approach to life.  I"m hoping 2012 is an even better year so I need an even better mantra!

We have two weekends of agility and then the LCCOC holiday party.  Somehow I said yes to the holiday party at Meadowood Ranch.  We've got a plan for food, a strategy for buffet space, and a logistics plan for setting folks down to eat so now we just need to execute.  Traditionally nativity scenes stay up until Candlemas Day on Feb 2, therefore I left the nativity scenes up and my collection of wisemen out to serve as party decorations.  The few non-nativity decorations that were up are coming down.