Monday, January 9, 2012

AKC Agility, Pensacola, FL

Grace 1st T2B Q - 10 pts
 Our weekend of agility was successfull in that we came home with a Q in T2B earning Grace 10 points toward her title.  Our other runs had bright spots along with a few mis-cues.  Video links below:

Take aways from this weekend:
  • Grace should be in the lead but I need to provide her route information quickly to minimize her herding me
  • Run with Grace from the start to minimize smashed bars on the start line (especially double and triple jumps)
  • Grace struggles to see the broad jump as an obstacle in her path... practice at home
  • DO NOT get too far ahead of Grace to prevent panic on her part
What to practice next
  • The idea of "go on"... driving straight ahead needs more work
  • Rear crosses combined with left and rights but these are much better and it flows nicely most of the time now
  • Broad jump in flow