Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AKC Agility, Mobile, AL

Grace Open JWW - Leg 2 1st Place

Grace, Spice, and I traveled to Mobile this past weekend for AKC agility with Tracey and her kids.  It rained while we drove over but by Saturday morning the rain had stopped.  Unfortunately it was very windy and chilly (so much so that we stopped on the way back to the hotel Saturday at Academy to stock up on clearance ski apparel).

Grace came home from the weekend with a Q in Open JWW (leg 2) on Saturday - 1st Place.  She tried very hard in T2B and JWW.  However her teeter and dog walk are broken again so we did horrid on the standard courses.  Video is posted:
I thought we had unbroken Grace's teeter and dogwalk the previous week but alas we had not!  So we will work on them more this week at multiple locations and try again in New Iberia next weekend.

Spice came along to experience the weekend.  Her manners are improving as is her reaction to the big wide world.  She went all weekend without her pinch collar.  We spent lots of time walking around the arena investigating new items like parked mowing tractors, construction cones, flapping plastic trash can liners, etc.  She is much braver about approaching these unfamilar items.
I have purchased dog training flooring for the den from Floor Junkies in Houston.  The modular tiles should be delivered later this week.  I'm anxious to set up the dog training space in the den.  The vendor would like photos of the dogs training on the new floor.