Sunday, April 1, 2012

AKC Agility, Amite, LA

Holding Feather
This past weekend in Amite was disappointing.  Grace was weaving well in Monroe but we took 3 weekends off from agility.  Low and behold she had totally lost her weaves.  On Sunday she herded me horribly through the entire course.

Our videos are uploaded for what they are worth.  I do really want to watch my start routine in them to see that I'm consistent.

       Jumpers:   FRI   SAT   SUN
       Standard:  FRI   SAT   SUN

This week is weave repair week.  We have worked them several times already and she is improving.  She found them during class on Tuesday.  We also spent a few minutes at the agility field on Tuesday getting her to run with me standing in the center of a circle of jumps - YIPPEE no herding this way.  So I think I have a slightly new handling strategy.  I also intend to use this strategy with Spice.

Bern is getting back into obedience again.  He has looked good when he has been worked.  Spice is doing much better inside working but she seems confused working outside.  We are working on the porch for now to keep her focus.