Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting Back Into An Obedience Routine

I gave 3 quick obedience lessons this AM.
  • Bern looked wonderful.  He did everything correctly the first time - no bobbles.  
  • Grace looked good also - very few bobbles but she is also learning new commands such as her signals.  
  • Spice is getting better but is still pretty bouncy.  I'm debating about entering her in rally in May.  She worked some off-lead outside today on the diriveway, our first such session.  I was pleased that she ran over and took the panel jump (at 14") as an offered behavior since we had worked at the agility practice jumps recently.
To do for me is to check the novice rally sign list against Spice's skills.  We also need to see about weaving through cones and learning to spiral around them as well.