Monday, April 30, 2012

The State of the Yard Post

This blog entry is a pictorial update of the yard at the house including the food production area plantings.  Next weekend I'm hoping to post a similar set of dog-related photos after completing a few more dog-related projects.

The food production area is taking shape.  There are more projects in the making but much has been accomplished.

A row of 13 blueberry bushes is planted along the back fence.

9 fruit trees planted in home orchard style clusters

Beds constructed for the earthboxes and fig tree

I bought 5 trees at Louisiana Nursery recently in the clearance area (90% off).  I came home with $200 worth of nursery stock for $20.  A few of the trees have been staked to encourage straighter growth but all seem happy in their new locations.   At a different Louisiana nursery location I purchased a selection of azaleas and camillas from the clearance area.  These have been planted outside the food production area in the main part of the backyard.

Tree #1 Maple

Tree #2 Oak, Tree #3 and #4 Cedars

Tree #5 Maple

Pink camillas and pink ruffle azaleas planted along fence outside food production area

The side and front yards continue to be improved and upgraded.  The front yard beds have been completely redone (with help from a co-worker with a side landscaping business) including irrigation.  The irrigation system needs to be expanded and automated but for now it is a huge improvement over what the house had at the time of purchase.

The strawberries and blackberries are growing well.  Blackberry trellises now installed.

The front beds are mostly planted.  The red knock-out roses are doing well.

The yellow carpet roses are also doing well.