Monday, July 2, 2012

AKC Agility Trial, Monroe, LA

Tracey did a great job of describing our camper adventures for the weekend.  We have learned that 8 shedding dogs in one small camper will clog up the A/C filters quickly.  Lesson learned... we must clean filters FREQUENTLY.  Her description of our adventure left out the part where I managed to lose numerous dollars walking from the arena through the horse barn to the camper to pay the camper repair tech.  I had too much stuff in my pockets - my cell, Tracey's cell, poop bags, cash, camper keys, etc..  An honest person found the money and turned it in... we had the cash back in about 5 minutes!

Spice managed to learn how to escape from soft crates this weekend by undoing zippers with her paw.  No crate damage - she escaped once in the camper and once while we were packing up Sunday.  I see bungee cords and/or clips on her zippers at future trials.  On the positive side, Spice did some great work on start line stays at the practice jump as well as obedience and dumbbell work.

The way the trial schedule worked out for Grace and I we needed to be in both rings simultaneously.  While I would have been able to move her up from last dog in the 20" Exec JWW class, she would have been exhausted for her Open Standard runs.  So the backup plan was to run the course through only the weaves in Exec JWW and practice weaving before Open Standard - with the exception of Saturday's JWW course the weaves were obstacle 16 or later so the fallback plan didn't even work.  I wished I had entered her in FAST then she would have had a huge break between runs.  Our videos are here - I think our start line routines were better in general:  Some better efforts at weaving towards the end of the trial.

We run agility next in Hattiesburg, MS in August.  In the meantime we'll keep working on her weaves.