Monday, June 11, 2012

Where did the week and weekend go?

Man oh man another week just flew past.  We made it out to the agility field on Tuesday for a lesson.  It was hot so I worked Grace for a few minutes and then let Spice have a turn.  The class voted to give it up after about 45 minutes due to the heat and humidity.  Grace's weaves were more enthusiastic and Spice did great.

Wednesday the rain moved in.  When I made it home Wednesday the power at the house was out.  I ordered a delivery pizza on my phone and dug in the hurricane supply stash for lanterns and flashlights.  The monsoon rain started about 7:15 PM... the poor pizza guy arrived shortly thereafter on our dark street in the pouring rain - I had to signal him with a flashlight.  The Entergy repair trucks then arrived to locate the source of the power outage - now it is REALLY dark outside so the Entergy guys are going house to house with their flashlights asking if anyone knows the source of the problem.  The fallen limb was eventually located so I fell asleep with no AC listening to the Entergy lineman shout (their high tech communications system) directions and requests to the support team on the ground.  A surreal night indeed.  (Rain total: 3.0").

Thursday more rain fell but the power stayed on.  YIPPPEE!  (Rain:  1.75").  Friday yet more rain fell (Rain: 0.75").  The near constant rain prevented any agility practice out in the yard during the last half of the week.  Meanwhile the interior dog working area is finally sporting its new floor overlay (photos coming soon).

This week I discovered I could fit into a pair of  my "skinnier" jeans.  Feeling hopeful I tried on other pairs of pants that had been a bit tight - I now have a few "new" pairs of shorts and pants in the closet.  That spurred me on to do the seasonal closet purge and switch to move the remainder of my winter and summer clothes between my master bedroom closet and the extra bedroom closet.    Path Forward on the Closet Front:  My goal is to have the box emptied of skinny jeans by my birthday in November.... if not before.  I want to fit in them all by then.

After dropping a load at the local Catholic charity donation store on Saturday we headed to the outlet mall so I could shop.  I don't go shopping at the outlet mall often - the store I wanted to visit had closed some months ago.  It was good timing though as the Ann Taylor Outlet store had their clearance items an extra 40% off (scored some nice work pants and a few dressy cooler weather sweaters).  Still needing summer work attire I stopped at the big mall - Chico's had their clearance clothing and accessory items an extra 40% off (scored a few summer work clothing pieces and a necklace).  So on Sunday afternoon I decided to check out the other Chico's store in Baton Rouge - JACKPOT!!  I came home with numerous work attire pieces and coordinating accessories.  Several of the pieces with serve as 3 season pieces so I stocked up.  Throughout the weekend it continued to drizzle before the stormy weather moved out on Sunday (Rainfall over the weekend:  1.5").