Sunday, July 22, 2012

Taking Care of Mom After Knee Replacement Surgery

My mother has Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). RA is an autoimmune disease that is very debilitating. It is much worse than a few sore joints. Her hands and feet are now misshapen. Her knees have been struggling to support her getting up and down for years. She recently found the courage to schedule a total knee replacement on her left knee. After 3 days in the hospital and 11 days in rehab I took her home to her house. Her new knee is doing great. Mom lives in Norman, OK. Below are photos I took while there taking care of her.

When not looking out the window he typically sits in the recliner with Mom.  He thinks the foot stool portion is his.

I slept on a futon in the extra bedroom.  The futon does great for my back.

Mom's old walker got replaced.  My first task after I got her home was to outfit the new walker. 

The next order of business was to rescue Pete from the vet where he was boarding and bring him home.

Pete spends lots of time lying on the top of the sofa looking at the front window in the living room.

Lyric, my sister's family cat, helping me eat breakfast.  

Corn field in drought area in central Texas along US Hwy 69.  Photo snapped while driving home.