Sunday, August 12, 2012

Improving Spice's Obstacle Focus

This morning before I fed the dogs I set up a straight line tire-jump-jump-tunnel sequence in the backyard.  I grabbed treats and a few target plates.  My goal was to work Spice up to doing the 4 obstacle sequence driving forward quickly.  Based on her performance yesterday I thought this was a reasonable goal for today's session.

So I sat Spice down behind the tire on a stay.  I placed a target plate with treat between the tire and first jump.  I walked back to the first jump and released her.  Spice flew through the tire grabbed the treat and dashed off down the line through the remaining equipment (jump, jump, tunnel) at a full run.  Okay so my goal to work her up to 4 straight line obstacles at a dead run was done.  Next I worked on running with her but not right next to the equipment.  It took a couple of tries with me much farther away but she was running very fast and happy with great forward drive.  Lesson over.

While the dogs were eating I went back outside and rearranged the equipment I had set in the straight line into an arc.  Then I added the 3 sets of 2X2 weaves.  After spending a few minutes in the workshop I had installed 12" and 16" jump cups to my 20" double jump which was put after the weave poles.  The 10" spread is too wide for the lower jump heights for a standard AKC double jump but I'm not sure that is a bad thing.  I also dismantled my 20" triple frame so I could use the parts to create a new triple jump using a J&J jump cup set I recently purchased.  Now to go be as productive inside the house...