Sunday, October 14, 2012

AKC Obedience, Rayne, LA

This weekend we did 3 days of obedience in Rayne, LA - the frog capital of Louisiana which also claims to be the city of murals.  Mike was off his ambulance and was able to attend the trial and served as our video-grapher.  The building was nice and chilly for the dogs - almost too chilly for humans.

Bern in the Open A Ring
Bern tried Open A once each day.  His best effort was on Friday (day 1).  Because of ring conflicts Mike took Bern in for stays on Saturday - Bern gave him the "not the trainer" treatment so we excused ourselves from stays on Sunday due to ring conflicts.  Bern managed both dumbbell retrieves on Friday but the retrieves were worse on Saturday.  By Sunday he stopped about 3 feet short of his "front" position with his retrieve on flat and jumped the high jump but didn't bother to pick up the dumbbell.  I may have to give up on my dream of his earning his final CDX leg... he may retire with  a partial title.

Spice Earned a 4th Place Sun
Grace did Wildcard Nov on Sat and Wildcard Open on Sun.  Her best effort was back in the same ring Sunday as Saturday.  She had been nervous Saturday but her experiences in the ring were good so she was happy about trying the ring out of Sunday.  Grace's healing on Saturday was horrid since she slithered around the ring badly on lead and better off lead - she seemed more nervous than on a cookie safari.  Then on Sunday she was much more comfortable in that ring that took up the entire room and healed very well for Grace.  Grace, who jumps 16" in agility whacked the 18" obedience jump hard, then she decided to run around instead of over the jump on the return - with I could remind her before we go in it is 18", not 16".  Nice lady judges both days so that was a plus as well.  Grace passed on the 3 minute out of site sit stay - which worked out great as the judge was trying to keep the wilting dogs up which would have not gone well for Grace and the well meaning judge.  Grace came home with a new toy and a 4th place ribbon today.

Spice was the star of the weekend.  The jumping bean bounced and healed her way through 3 rally courses to her first AKC title, Rally Novice (RN).  Her attention improved each day as did her scores (76, 89, 94).  We had a handler error on the second sign Sunday that cost her a couple of points but she still came in first place.  Her videos are here:  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Lots of friends at the trial.  Some friends now have their dogs trying utility which is strengthening my resolve to help Grace conquer those last few pieces of Utility.  Neither of those two owners are working though but I need to try a bit harder to find patience to work the new material with Grace.  Beth was there with Spice's half sister Abby - Abby earned her RA and RE titles this weekend.  Rosey came with Hero who earned his RE and Caboose who earned an Open A leg.  I missed several of the Utility B and Open B runs trying to keep up with the other 3 rings for my runs.  It was a bit hectic in that regard.