Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tracking.... and helping around the house

On Friday at lunch Tracey laid a track for Bern.  He did much better than on his previous efforts this season. I"m feeling better about our chances of earning a TD in November.  He needs to practice again this week before I leave for agility.

Saturday morning Tracey and I both put tracks in early for Lego and Grace.  Tracey also put a track in for Kaz.  After the tracks were aged a few hours we met and ran the in-training-for-TDX dogs on their tracks.  I think that was the best I've ever seen Lego track - he started great and walked at a constant beagle sniffing speed through the rest of the track.  Grace, on the other hand, was SOOOO EXCITED to get to track that she dashed about like a fool for several circles worth before settling down to track.  As usual she took several breaks to critter but did better than usual in the woods.  Based on Saturday's tracking effort I'm glad we did not enter her in a TDX test next month - too rusty!

To end the day Tracey and I then spent the afternoon at the outlet mall - one of our favorite stores was having a huge sale.  I picked up a nice work outfit.

Spice helps garden!
Sunday Tracey came by with Sprigs to practice teeter at someplace different.  Spice also practiced teeter.  Spice needs to see teeter several times before the agility trial this coming weekend.

Monday Spice helped Mike in the garden.  He was transplanting strawberries so she transplanted an ornamental palm that was in a pot on the back porch.  Spice unpotted the palm leaving the palm in the backyard and took the pot inside to play with.  On Tuesday she destroyed what was left of the palm tree.  We need to work with her a bit before she earns her master gardener title!

Spice's breeder sent Spice a nice dog blanket this week (THANK YOU AGAIN) - Tammy continually laughs at Spice's antics at destroying crate mats and dog crate zippers.  To alleviate the crate zipper issues, I purchased Spice a medium sized Nylabone crate from an eBay vendor.  The "new" crate will be making an appearance at the agility trial this weekend.

Tonight before dinner Spice did a short track 10 minute old track in the front yard..  The light bulb has not gone off yet about this new game.  I'm hoping several short tracks before dinner this fall will get her interested in the game.  She loves the cookies at the glove but is not actively seeking the glove out yet.