Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Season Holidays

Halloween Tablescape
Wednesday was Halloween.  Compared to last year we had very few trick or treaters.  Last year there was concern we might run out of candy.  This year we bought candy for 100 kids - we only had 6 kids show up at the door!

We enjoy having a festive tablescape on dining table but I've not kept up over the summer with the various holidays that past by.  I'm trying to do better this fall.

I've noticed that the stores are skipping straight from Halloween to Christmas.  There is very little Thanksgiving-specific decorations in the stores.  This week at home I did the tablescape in a fall theme.  In another week or so I'll redo the tablescape and set out the pilgrims and indians for a true Thanksgiving-themed table.  I wish I could find some cute Thanksgiving placemats - turkeys with the same cartoon vibe as my Frankie placemats.
Pre-Thanksgiving Tablescape

Meanwhile the busy season with the dogs is here.  There are several agility and tracking events the next several months as well as a few obedience trials.  Bern is tracking for his TD again this Sunday.  Here is hoping the weather holds out.