Friday, December 28, 2012

Cool Season Garden

With the Christmas rush over we found time to put the cool (cold?) season veggie garden in.  Outdoors we built a 2nd Earthbox bed so we could add our 3 new Earthboxes.  We keep the old potato growing bags in service as well.  These were purchased on sale few seasons ago and are nearing the end of their service life.  I'll post pictures of the outside beds as the veggies grow.

Indoors on our tiered plant light stand we planted 2 salad grow bags - 1 with spinach and 1 with lettuce.  These salad bags are sitting on a wicking mat that is moistened via a water reservoir.  This technology is new to us so we are giving it a try.  I picked them up on sale at the end of growing season.

Our next food growing adventure will be aquaponics garden from Back to the Roots.  The company did a KickStarter campaign to pre-pay for the tooling.  We contributed to the Kickstarter effort... now we wait for the product to launch.

Lettuce under the grow lights

Mike filling the water reservoirs on the newly planted Earthboxes