Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tracking Practice with Rock Climbing

Tracey was ambitious on Saturday morning.  She laid tracks for several of her dogs and then laid a short track for Grace.  Grace's tracking has gotten horrid of late.  She is crittering more and more while following her human track less and less.  Tracey and I are coming up with a corrective action plan for Grace.  Right now she will not pass a TDX track as she is playing too much to have energy to finish.

I followed Tracey along on several of her tracks so I could help watch the dog.  Lego was the last of Tracey's dogs to get his turn.  Tracey wants to give him the best opportunity to pass his TDX so she is exposing him to tracking on all different surfaces that come up in the "woods" as well as elevation changes.  On today's track his went down and up through a ~12 foot deep ditch followed by an equally large hill.  But alas our car was on the other side of the ditch so down into the canal we go again but this time we tracked along the water's edge until we neared the road culvert.  There was rip rap adjacent to the road culvert that made for stable hiking out of the ditch so that is what we did.  Photos are on Tracey's blog here.