Monday, January 14, 2013

Mud Fest, Kiln AKC agililty

Spice earns 3 legs over the weekend
The Kiln, MS arena sits near sea level.  We had 9" of rain in Baton Rouge the week before the trial; Kiln must have had similar precipitation.  The arena area was very damp and muddy.  It made for an interesting weekend.  However, none of the humans or dogs fell during runs so that was a plus.

Grace ran Open Standard all 3 days.  Her weaves were better but it took 3 tries to get her through them.

Spice ran Nov Jumpers, Nov Standard, and Open FAST.  She came home with 1 Q in each class.  We started out Friday with a bang and Q'd twice. Saturday she was a bit wild and didn't manage to Q at all.  But Sunday she settled down for her 3rd Q of the weekend.

Tracey and I were a bit worried about getting the camper pulled out before the afternoon rains came on Sunday.  We packed up early and pulled the camper near the arena and crated out of the car.  Our plan worked well and we made it home without incident.