Monday, January 21, 2013

Swamp Dog AKC Obedience Trial, Folsom, LA

Saturday - Grace WC Open, Spice Beg Nov B
Our weekend was spent at the Swamp Dog Obedience Trial.  Mike was able to join us both days.  Both the girls were entered.
Spice earned two Beg Nov legs this weekend. Both 4th places because she was a bit distracted on healing.  Sat AM she Q'd. On Sat afternoon Mom laid the 6 ft leather leash on her paw.  She side stepped to get the leash off her paw but it followed her because it was attached to her collar. Spice was all upset then and broke her sit stay so NQ. Mom was more careful on Sunday and she was fine but very distracted due to an out of control cocker.

Sunday Spice Beg Nov B
Grace did Wildcard Novice on Saturday afternoon. She was very happy on her exercises. As usual we skipped the 3 minute handler out of sight sit.

Tracey had a great weekend.  Kayak finished his CD and almost earned a CDX leg.  Sprigs got a CD leg on her first try.
Spice practicing her sit/stand/down sets