Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AKC Agility, Amite, LA

Mike shot still phots with his phone of our runs

This weeekend was 3 days of agility in Amite at the Deep South AKC trial.  The weather held up.  It poured rain on us as we were pulling into the driveway at the house Sunday afternoon.

Grace ran Open Standard on Friday and Sunday.  She took a break on Saturday.  Her run on Sunday was an almost Q run - 2 refusals with a lovely set of weaves.  She is continuing to weave well so I am hopeful she can finish up her title prior to her upcoming retirement.

Spice ran FAST, jumpers, and standard on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday we did T2B, jumpers, and standard.  There were moments of brillance, and frustration.  Spice has lost her weaves at a show entirely so we are working on this at home and planning to travel to friends houses.  She refused the teeter on Saturday but after the teeter at home gave yummy cookies on Saturday night she happily did the teeter Sunday.

Spice seems unsure/timid on the agility course.  She is still getting distracted easily but that aspect of her running seems to be improving.  Her handling is better.  Her attitude around the house is maturing - she will lay or stand still to let me trim knots out of her hair, she came to me instead of dashing outside when I was holding a brush this week.  It is the little things to me that show she is making better decisions.

Her weaves are coming back much better at the house again.  Now if I can keep it happy we should be able to transition them back to a trial setting sooner rather than later.  Several of us are wondering how much of this is missing her big brother Bern?  If so maybe she is coming around.  We have a few more weekends to finish out our outside agility season.  I would love to have recovered the weaves before the trial schedule slows down this summer.