Monday, December 30, 2013

AKC Agility, Birmingham, AL - Sports Blast arena

This past weekend we ran agility at the Sports Blast arena.  Spice came home 0/10 but we had moments of brilliance.  She weaved in public at the beginning of the weekend and tapered off towards the end.  However, her teeter was solid all weekend and she seemed more focused and engaged.

Photographer Phyllis Ensley was at the trial.  I purchased the CD of photos.   As part of my blog update today I compiled a slideshow of Spice agility photos.  Spice is stretching out and running with happy smiles on all the photos from this past weekend.  I have two prior sets of Phyllis photos that show Spice not as consistently running and engaged in agility.  Check out the slide show here

Photo by Phyllis Ensley

Spice's run videos are on YouTube:

Saturday T2B - bad handler I went back to fix a passed jump
Saturday Open Standard - we took the tire 3 times on this run!
Sunday T2B - I think overall our best effort of the weekend
Sunday Open JWW - another good effort
Sunday Open Standard - we managed to only do the tire twice this time