Monday, January 20, 2014

TDAA Austin, TX

Austin Canine Central
We traveled to Austin, TX for Teacup Agility.  Kris Hurley was the judge - she is quiet on course so Spice is great with her.  We ran all the runs offered on Saturday (3 Standards, 2 games) and Sunday (2 standards, 2 games).  Spice struggled with the dark blue tunnel (at base of pole in photo above) on Saturday.  Towards the end of the day she was running great.  On Sunday she earned 2 game Qs (and her TG2 title) and 1 superior standard Q.  The photos above and below are courtesy of the Pratts - so grateful that he took the time to photo and post these if we wanted them.

Mike got to come along.  I am not sure I would have tried the 8 hour trip by myself to a new facility in a strange city.  Thanks Mike for the great weekend and the videos:

On the way home Sunday we stopped by the Industrial Country Market in Columbus, TX.  These folks are totally off the grid - collecting solar power and rain water.  On demand hot water heaters running on propane if I remember correctly.  The place was dog friendly so the MAS guys got to tour as well. We tied them to a bench on the front porch while we toured their home on the property.  So wish we had more trade skills and could pull off the construction job that these folks did.  They offer courses on solar power, water collection, and gardening (hydroponics).  I see us going back to take courses in the near future.