Sunday, May 25, 2014

AKC Obedience, LCCOC trial, Lamar Dixson facility, Gonzales, LA

This weekend was our local AKC club obedience trial.  There were 2 trials on Saturday and 2 trials on Sunday.  We did rally in morning and obedience in the afternoon.  

  • Kirk earned RN legs on Sat and Sun and 1 BN leg on Sat.  Sunday he we said "hi!" to the judge during the sit for exam.  
  • Spice Qd in Rally Adv A on Sat and Sun.  Unfortunately I put Spice in Rally Adv A - ooops - she should have been in Rally Adv B.  We chalked it up to practice and have moved on to Rally Adv B.  She would not stay during the long sit and long down on Sat or Sun.  She had an incident in class on Thursday night with another dog during a stay exercise so I'm not surprised.