Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lessons at Linda's House

Kirk and Spice both had sheep herding at Linda's this AM.  We did the same lessons with each dog.  We worked getting back, next we worked outruns, and finally we worked driving stock.  I need to get video of the driving lessons - neither Kirk or Spice was quiet and calm during their sheep driving lessons.  Both dogs barked, jumped, and lunged at the sheep.  Linda and I saw improvement in both dogs but we have a long way to go.

After herding, we shifted focus to agility.  Linda asked me to video Summer, her Borzoi, running a course she had set up on her agility field.  The course (photo below) was a USDAA Master standard course Tracey posted from our recent trip to Ardmore, OK.  Summer finished the 2014 Agility Invitational Qualifying Year as the #1 Borzoi in the country - congrats to Team Summer.  After I videoed for Linda, she watched me run Kirk and Spice.  I asked her to make sure I was standing up straight which I did good at today.  
  • Kirk ran first - the teeter was new and we had to practice a few times.  He tried really hard with nice stops on his contacts after he tried out the new surfaces.  He had an awesome auto down on the 26" Borzoi-height table (not adjustable).
  • Spice and I were fairly connected today.  I was really pleased with her run.  And the best weaves she has EVER done at Linda's house.  Linda was super impressed.  Now if we can get something close to these at shows it will be stupendous.  

USDAA Master Standard Course set up to practice at Linda's house