Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pendleton Pines Ranch - Week 2

Our work week was short - only Mon and Tues. I did actually do real work so I felt good about that.

The house now has functional wifi and digital over the air TV stations. We seem to be getting about 8 stations. It was worth bringing the antenna with us. We were not sure with the mountainous terrain. 

I count 71 boxes still needing to be unpacked. A few critical parts are still AWOL such as my computer monitor and several lamp bases. However the house is coming together. 

The handyman is mine most of the day tomorrow. I have made him a list. Exterior door swap and dog door installation at top of list. I do need to find more checks though as he  probably want to get paid - I think I used the last one in my purse to enter an agility trial. 

Several rooms in this house have picture rail mouldings. I purchased hooks to fit the railing online. So awesome for quickly hanging pictures. And super easy to move if you change your mind.