Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dogmobile for Stately Warren Manor

Stately Wayne Manner has the batmobile.... Stately Warren Manor has a dogmobile. With much help from Rich and Tracey Roth, the Honda Element has been fitted with a table just tall enough to clear the interior side molding in the rear of the vehicle. Both crates now sit side-by-side on the table with both crate doors facing the rear. After fastening everything in place, we loaded up the entire pack for a test drive around the neighborhood. No shakes, rattles, or rolls so we seem road ready.

While we had the truck at Lowe's Saturday buying lumber I purchased the 2 long pieces of vinyl siding needed to complete my broad jump. Today I cut the vinyl siding and screwed it to the broad jump while Tracey held the pieces in place. Now I can work that obstacle for Bern in open obedience and Grace in novice agility.

We managed to bathe Grace twice this week - Wednesday and Sunday. I started her on the probiotics that came with the Nzyme kit. She seems to be improving steadily. Her fur texture is better, her skin less red, and her itching has subsided somewhat. She seems to really like the Eaglepack food... no lack of appetite with her.

Due to inclement weather this week, training was mostly obedience/rally activities. Bern continues to improve on several tasks. I'm working moving downs and dumbbell retrieves. Tracey (Kazee and Nikita), Rosie (Red Rover), and I (Grace and Bern) practiced obedience at the local BREC tennis court on Saturday afternoon. Oooops... Bern needs to learn about out of sight sits and downs. Grace prefers retrieving games with the dumbbell and gloves rather than healing, standing for exam, or staying. Grace will not be ready for a novice obedience stand for exam until next year (maybe).... she is too hand shy and still grumbles at folks. We will get all the rally titles first while continuing to ask a variety of folks to pet/exam her in classes and matches. Meanwhile I'm training more advanced obedience activities with the hope that she will be able to obtain her CD.