Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

I picked the wrong couple of weeks to introduce Grace to the weave poles. It has been raining or too wet most of the time. Wednesday AM it was dry so I worked both the dogs through 6 channel weaves open about 6". Bern can now do these at speed... he lowers his head and plows on forward. Grace is still trying to find the entrance so we don't do but a few poles. However, she charges in from 15' away.

Agility class got cancelled (due to drizzle) too late for me to get the email so those of us who showed up worked individually. Grace is handling much better on jump sequences included wing jumps but needs some jump chute training for bouncing and obstacle focus. She did the teeter several times and seemed confident she could control her weight and, therefore, the fall of the teeter. Based on last night's attempt at 20" jumps, we are entering the local USDAA Overcome trial at 16" (performance vs championship).

This morning, due to the rain, we worked obedience. Bern went first and is getting more confident with the dumbbell and moving down. I started out-of-sight stays by leaving him in the living room and walking into the kitchen... we did it twice with a kitchen count to 10 the second time. Grace is healing much better now. She has a right finish and really sloppy left finish. Grace is a bit more steady on her stand (I can almost stand up straight now). Our triumph today was a dumbbell retrieve with a proper front... she did not fling the dumbbell at me when she sat in front. Too bad Grace can't skip the Novice exercises and do Open first.