Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Now bouncing through a 20" 3 Jump Chute

Bern and Grace have been working obedience in the morning. Grace is making progress on letting me walk around Grace or the room while Grace stays. Currently her sit is more stable than her down. Getting Bern to retrieve is slow baby steps forward... maybe by May for the LCCOC show (and then again maybe next May....)

Consistent with the prevailing weather pattern, Bern's agility class was rained out on Tuesday. No chance to work on his "at speed" weaves. The backyard remains squishy wet too.

It didn't start raining on Wednesday until after Grace's agility class had ended. Her classmates are learning to do full size contacts... Grace is already doing them. While the class worked the baby teeter, Grace and I worked her full size contacts, chutes of 3 jumps at 20", turns and handling using 4 jumps in a box pattern, and the tire jump. She did much better in the chute and box than last week when we tried those items. She has a 16" tire but not a 20" or 22" tire yet. As a class we worked 6 pole channel weaves. The instructor closed up the channels some this week. Grace is beginning to show some footwork but still struggles to find the opening each time. However, I think I see signs of the weave pole lightbulb beginning to glow. For her other agility skills, the lightbulb is glowing much more brightly.

Footnote: To follow-up on our over achiever AC unit problem, the AC/Heat contractor located a AC compressor relay contact shorted to the "on" position. The culprit appeared to be the thermostat upstairs sending random on/off directions to the AC and heat units. New relay, new thermostat... cost $283. Well at least the house is toasty when we awake each morning.