Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spring Cleaning

We worked weave poles on Thursday morning. Bern was faulty at speed for the first several attempts but he gathered himself and finished up the session well. Grace is trying but struggles with the entrance. Then the afternoon rainy weather persisted... no obedience class on Thursday. Instead I brushed out Bern and trimmed the paws... he had Frodo foot.

Saturday we trimmed around Bern's ears with the Robocut (the vacuum cleaner catches the cut hair). I then worked to thin the remainder with a slicker brush and furminator. After brushing out Grace, we bathed both dogs. Next we decide to take apart the crates and wash them. This served two purposes (1) the crates were dirty [understatement of the blog] and (2) we had new doors with the turn dial latches to install. Princess Grace was most distressed when we moved her crate so we could unscrew the fasteners, then removed the top, and pulled out the this point we paused to gather up crate scrubbing supplies. Grace did her best to keep control of the situation... see photo at right.
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