Monday, August 25, 2008

Tracking before the Storm... TS Fay

Bern, Grace and I met Tracey with Kazee to track early Sat AM. Bern ran his track first and did well with no cookies on the track, one turn, and about 5 minutes of aging. Grace ran a much longer track with determination until the end. Tracey was a great help in encouraging me to stand my ground until Grace found the track. If I don't stand my ground Grace just works in the direction she is going whether she is on the actual track or not. I'm now observing her tail wagging as she tracks as body signals about whether she is on the track or searching...I am very pleased with her quick learning and love of this new game. Grace protested from the car when she had to wait her turn to track... You Go Girl!

By Sun AM very early, the outer bands of Tropical Storm Fay drifted into Baton Rouge. It rained 4" inches at my local project site so I'm sure we got about the same amount at the house. The plants were happy; others at the house at cabin fever by the end of the day Sunday. I managed some nice photos of the heavy storm clouds as Fay rolled out of the area on Monday evening.