Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grace Helps with the Housekeeping

I think I'm turning the corner for the hurricane recovery both mental and physically - it has been 2 months since the storm and I'm ready to move on. However, I'm terribly busy at work so that has eaten up bunches of time and energy. Tracey and I have gone tracking 2 times recently on Saturday morning. Grace is continuing to improve but has little to no article indication - I need to work on this. Bern is looking better and seems to be actually trying to track - he however does have some article indication but can't handle a full length regulation track. Yesterday we tracked on the old golf course behind my neighborhood. I've tracked my guys back there but we added 3 of Tracey's will ample room to share for at least one more long track. The field has been recently cut so the grass is a reasonable height for the dogs to work in.

Ever since I placed a decorative pillow on the coach that was stuffed with real feathers, Grace has been shaking the other decorative pillows in the house just in case they need to be killed too. The real feather pillow lasted less than 1 day on the coach - Grace kept grabbing it off the coach and shaking it violently. She then would carry it off to chew on it. Unfortunately Millie, my trusty housekeeper, left my ostrich plume feather duster out when she departed last week. I wasn't home to witnesses its demise but suffice it to say that the feather duster was beyond repair upon my arrival home from work (see photo above). The kids seem to have stashed some of the ostrich plumes away for playing with later because parts of black ostrich plumes keep appearing in the dining room. I haven't found their plume stash yet.