Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Bern

Today is the day Bern celebrates his birthday. He is 7 today. To help him celebrate he stayed home and Grace went to agility class.

Nedra had us work several of the exercises in the March 2009 Backyard Dogs article from Clean Run magazine. We substituted the teeter for 6 weaves to work on weave entries with the novice dogs. Grace is still herding me - Georgie noted it is worse if the jumps don't have wings. She needs some jump chute practice with/without wings. She also needs lots of work on distance handling... a "go on" command to her doesn't get any behavour at this point. I need to spend some time in the backyard with her on simple handling skills.

I think the noise at the show over the weekend got to her. She seemed a bit clingy in class last night. I need to be very careful where I crate her so she doesn't get to upset by barking dogs and folks correcting barking dogs. She doesn't need yelling or crate banging in her immediate vicinity.

We have a herding lesson scheduled with Linda Peacock on Sat AM.... looking forward to that.